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Center for Contemporary Practices in Berlin

Berlin is full of project spaces for urban art, discussions, and exchange, but only a few places are so successful at bringing together food, culture, and sustainability in such a cosy, inspiring way.


You have to look hard to find places like this. Even in cities like Berlin. An electric atmosphere created by open encounters with other members of the community and people from all over the world and an authentically creative place that seeks to discuss the truly important issues of sustainable urban living and make dreams come true.

Intensive exchange is the agenda at the Agora Collective in Neukölln

Social exchange should be fun and an everyday part of life, preferably in combination with some delicious food and plenty of room to develop new ideas and skills. The Agora Collective succeeds in making this happen in rooms and a café that always offer an inviting welcome for Berliners, visitors, or friends of friends. The collective has found the perfect home in a beautifully renovated old building in the trendy Neukölln district.

Nothing less than a real community

The Agora is often seen as an international community, but what it really is is an open place with free events about all sorts of topics open to anyone who's interested. Events are frequently geared to social and very local issues. This intentional seeking out of meaningful conversation and publicising of future-orientated projects is at the core of the Agora's open concept.

Time to get stuck in

Whether it's a workshop on urban gardening or a visit to the food assembly market, the Agora offers a surprising programme of exciting, yet unconventional workshops and events that don't preach principles of self-sufficiency and conscientious consumption, but instead demonstrate them by taking action. True to its motto "Shape your city" and ideally give it back something of value.

The now well-known event Give something back to Berlin evolved from an idea designed to create friendships between Berlin, its people, newcomers, and refugees. Often as many as 150 people will show up to spend time together, make a statement, and celebrate the fact that we all need to stick together to ensure a bright future for the global community. Each encounter has a magic all of its own which could also be said to be the essence of the Agora Collective and its vision.


Opening hours

weekdays 10:00 – 18:00