Big amusement on a small ground

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Build into an old phone booth, teledisko is the smallest disco on earth! What happens in the teledisko stays in the teledisko! Except a video and 4 photos which are taken while dancing, if you chose so. The pictures are printed right on site.

The teledisko is operated by a touchscreen. The door opens after a coin is inserted. You may choose your favourite song and dance like there is no tomorrow with a bunch of your best friends. Once inside there is everything a disko needs: fog, strobe and the some other light effects. And don't forget to sing along!

teledisko about Berlin

What makes your heart beat for Berlin?

“Berlin has a lot of staying power.”

Berlin is packed with remarkable locations – which is your favourite and why?

“The Holzmarkt cooperative down along the River Spree."

© teledisko

There’s always something happening in Berlin – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. What’s your perfect day?

"At the heart of the city vibe.”


Where in Berlin? The teledisko is located at various spots in Berlin. There is are mobile editions which can be booked for events. No matter where! Check the website for the one near you.

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