Parking zones

Parking zones

Where you have to pay to park in Berlin and where else you can park.

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Don’t give up! It’s not a hopeless task to find a parking space in Berlin. We’ll reveal to you what you have to know in order to avoid wasting time driving around looking for somewhere to park. There are three kinds of parking situations in Berlin, which we have described and located for you in the map below:

The parking zones
The parking zones (marked in blue on the map) are mainly to be found in districts where the parking situation is difficult, inner-city areas, the old town centre of Spandau, and around the shopping mile in Schlosstraße, Steglitz. Here you have to pay for a parking ticket. Practically the entire inner-city area is divided up into various zones with different price tariffs. A few districts issue a special parking permit, which are obtainable at the relevant Bezirksamt (district office). Residents of Berlin, incidentally, also have to purchase a special parking permit annually.

City centre outside the parking zones
In the inner-city areas where there are no parking zones (marked grey on the map), parking is very difficult. The best thing to do here is to use public transport or take a taxi to get to the inner-city area.

Suburbs (no parking zones)
The only parking zones in the suburbs are situated in the district centres and large shopping miles.