Botanischer Garten

Botanischer Garten

Garden Architecture, Greenhouses and Europe's only Botanical Museum

Tropenhaus im Botanischen Garten – © Botanischer Garten
Italienischer Garten im Botanischen Garten – © Botanischer Garten
Subtropenhaus im Botanischen Garten – © Botanischer Garten
Botanischer Garten – © Gary718 /

With 22.000 types of plants, Berlin’s Botanical Gardens rank among the three most important botanical gardens in the entire world.
Created between 1897 and 1910 according to the plans of the architect Alfred Koerner, the Botanical Gardens’ 43 hectares are a wonderful place to take a stroll.
The Botanical Gardens consist of three areas: the park-like arboretum (collection of woody plants and roses), the exhibition area showcasing plants from around the world in their geo-graphical context and the collection of 1.500 types of plants, which have been systematically categorised. There is also 3.000 square metres large garden with a focus on smelling and touching various kinds of plants for our guests who are visually impaired or who are in wheelchairs.

Fifteen greenhouses are located in a geometrical arrangement on the eastern edge of the park, including a tropical greenhouse built in 1907 which is 25 metres high and 1.700 square metres large – one of the largest in the world and a superb example of 19th century glass and steel architecture.

Located on Königin-Luise-Straße, the Botanical Museum was created on the basis of the for-mer Royal Herbarium. In addition to its comprehensive scientific collection of plants, it is also Europe’s only museum that is purely botanical in nature. Besides the numerous plant species found in the museum, the plants associated with the tombs of the Egyptian Pharaohs can be studied here.

By the way: The Botanical Garden is not only a summer highlight. Even in winter you can discover the flora of Africa, Australia, East Asia, the tropics and the Mediterranean on the season path.

Toilets and elevators are wheelchair-accessible.


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Just like in the Jungle Book

A visit, especially to the greenhouses is always an awesome experience for children. Because no matter what the weather's like outside - once you step inside and the warm and humid air hits you in the face, as well as the huge palms, climbing plants or lianas, you'll soon start to believe that you've been catapulted into Tarzan in the Jungle or Mowgli in the Jungle Book. A few glasshouses down, in the Desert House, the climate changes dramatically. Although it's still warm, the air is extremely dry and there are lots of impressive-looking cacti with their protective spines.

Ghost Festival with pumpkin soup

The Botanical Gardens and museums organise regular events, including ones specifically for children. These include the legendary Halloween Festival with pumpkin carving, scary stories for children, Punch and Judy and children's theatre and of course pumpkin dishes. But biologist-guided tours of the Botanical Gardens are also offered regularly. Incidentally, the joint educational work of the Botanic Garden and Berlin-Dahlem Botanical Museum has already been distinguished twice by the United Nations as an official project of the "Decade of Education for Sustainable Development".


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