Go on a palace tour with the WelcomeCard

Go on a palace tour with the WelcomeCard

On the way to the 300th anniversary of Old Fritz’s birthday.

Schloss Charlottenburg – © Scholvien

Celebrate the 300th annniversary of Frederick the Great with many many discounts provided by the Berlin WelcomeCard.

Old Fritz would have been 300 years old this year – reason enough for many Prussian palaces and gardens to be commemorating his life and works. The best way to explore the beautiful palaces, gardens and exhibitions is by using the Berlin WelcomeCard: Not only does it include the journey to and from the palaces in Berlin, Potsdam, Oranienburg or Königs Wusterhausen, but you also receive a discount on the admittance price to the magnificent buildings.

Your discounts: as a Berlin WelcomeCard holder, you are entitled a discount on the Premium Day Card for the Prussian Palaces and Gardens (and including Sanssouci Palace as well as both the Frederisiko exhibitions in the Neues Palais and Rheinsberg). Furthermore, the Premium Day Card also includes admittance to all national Palaces in the region, such as the famous Schlosspark (Palace Park) on Peacock Island, Schönhausen Palace in Pankow, but also lesser known but equally attractive residences like those in Königs Wusterhausen or Paretz.

Some of the palaces in Brandenburg are directly associated with Old Fritz, and these of course will be particularly celebrating the anniversary of his birthday: for example the Neues Palais in Potsdam, where the extensive personal legacy of the older Frederick will be on display – an unbelievable total of 60 rooms in the Neues Palais is required as exhibition space! From 28th April to 28th October the Sanssouci Schlosspark will also have exhibits from Fredericks’s life on open-air display.

The idyllically situated Rheinsberg Palace (a day-trip distance from Berlin) also has an exhibition completely dedicated to Frederick: this is where the then “still young” Old Fritz spent his happiest years as Crown Prince. There will be many small “surprise gifts” awaiting the visitor here, presenting Frederick as builder, visionary, lover of gardens and husband.

Berlin WelcomeCard Discount

  • €15.20 instead of €19 for the Premium Day Card
  • €11.20 instead of €14 for the reduced Premium Day Card

Valid for one visit to each palace in Berlin and Brandenburg (An overview is available here), including Sanssouci.

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This is an amazing idea. Commemorating Friederisiko's 3ooth birthday, with his life and works. I am going to get a €19 Premium Day Card for myself and my best friend. Aidan, my friend, and I were thinking about where to go on a walkabout around Berlin, and this is just perfectly fabulous for that ! xx

------ Osmi Anannya