Berlin International Film Festival 2012

Berlin International Film Festival 2012

Films, stars and fans

Berlinale – Andreas Teich © Berlinale 2006
Don 2 – © Rapid Eye Movies
In The Land Of Blood And Honey – Foto Ken Regan © 2011 GK Films

International stars gracing the red carpet, enthusiastic fans eager to get a glimpse of their favourites, cineastes from all over the world and – most important of all – great films: the Berlin International Film Festival taking place from 8th to 19th February 2012. Everybody from the world of film art will be here. Ten full days of films to inspire, move and even occasionally unsettle you, as well as showing the familiar in a new light and opening up vistas of strange worlds.

Berlinale blog

Which films are worth seeing? And which ones unfortunately not? Who is wearing what on the red carpet? How do you get tickets? Our daily Berlinale blog will provide a running commentary on the films and the stars appearing at the Film Festival. Besides reviews, there’ll be some very personal impressions from the normal frenzy of a visitor to the festival.
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There will be some 400 films on view in the world’s largest public film festival, with tickets available for everybody. Please read the information on booking tickets beforehand: tickets are normally bookable 3 days in advance, but for some performances, e.g. the Berlinaletag (Berlinale Day) and the “Berlinale Special” section you can usually book tickets starting from the first day of the sale.
Tickets will be on sale Monday, 6 on at the Berlinale booking offices a as well as online at:
Tip:Tickets are also available at the Berlin Tourist Information centers or via our call center: 0049-(0)30 - 25 00 23 33.

The Golden Bear: the Competition

The Competition, taking place in the Berlinale Palast at Potsdamer Platz, is of course the heart and soul of the Berlinale. The stars that have graced the red carpet in recent years include Leonardo DiCaprio, George Clooney, Jeff Bridges, Robert De Niro, Julianne Moore, Michelle Pfeiffer and Tilda Swinton, and this year will be no exception. International films will be jostling with each other for the Gold and Silver Bears, to be awarded by the star-studded jury composed of Mike Leigh, Charlotte Gainsbourgh and Jake Gyllenhaal. Films in the running for the Golden Bears this year include several German films as well as the latest offerings by Billy Bob Thornton, Paolo and Vittorio Taviani and Benoît Jacquot.

Angelina Jolie and Shah Rukh Khan: Berlinale Special

The films shown in the Friedrichstadt-Palast have always been especially popular with the public, as it is the venue for special performances like the showing of the full, restored version of Fritz Lang’s masterpiece “Metropolis”, or great films such as “The King’s Speech” which are not part of the competition. The highlights this year are undoubtedly the Bollywood blockbuster “Don – The King is Back” with the Indian superstar Shah Rukh Khan and Angelica Jolie’s direction debut “In The Land Of Blood And Honey”.

Don – The King is back

The latest film with the megastar Shah Rukh Khan “Don – The King is Back” is showing on 11th February in the Friedrichstadt Palast. This action-packed thriller was shot in Berlin, with Shah Rukh Khan once again enthralling his fans. More info on the film and the Berlin shooting locations is available here.

Tribute to Meryl Streep

This year’s tribute honours one of the greatest actresses there has ever been: Meryl Streep. The Hollywood star, who has already received two Oscars (as well as six nominations), will receive the Golden Bear for her lifetime work at a special showing of her latest release “The Iron Lady”.

Art House and Experimental Films from all over the World: Panorama and Forum

The Panorama section is presenting art house cinema, documentary films and new discoveries from around the world. Some 50 films will be shown, and the audiences will be able to vote for their own favourites from amongst them for the Panorama Audience Award. The Forum section will focus on experimental cinema, where the films are often characterised by avant-garde forms and contents.

The Red Dream Factory: Retrospective

This year’s retrospective is dedicated to German-Soviet Russian films made between 1922 and 1936, and will include classics such as Eisenstein’s “Bronenosez Potjomkin” (Battleship Potemkin), “Kuhle Wampe oder Wem gehört die Welt?” (Kuhle Wampe, or Who Owns the World) by Slatan Dudow or exciting rediscoveries like the silent science-fiction film Aelita (Aelita - Der Flug zum Mars) (Aelita: Queen of Mars). A particular highlight will be the restored version of another of Eisenstein’s masterpieces “Oktjabr” (October).

Cinema for the Next Generation: Children and Youth Films

The films in the Berlinale’s Children and Youth section are also very popular with adults, as they depict fascinating stories from the four corners of the world, making for a curious audience eager to discover something new. Films from India, Japan, Sweden, Bolivia and America will open your eyes to the wonderful world of cinema.

Tips for the Berlinale

Expereinced visitors to the Berlinale, who are well versed to the proceedings, have learnt how to best come through the 10-day film marathon reasonably unscathed.
The best thing to do is go into the Berlinale completely relaxed and rested, or there’ll be a risk of gently falling asleep during one of a Soviet silent films or a Taiwanese experimental film. When planning your daily programme, take account of the journeys from one cinema to the next (and include any breaks for coffee or a bite to eat!) – this way you’ll avoid getting locked out of the film that you especially wanted to see. There is no admittance for anybody getting there too late. Most of the films will be well booked in advance, which means you’ll have to stand in queues. Check the programme carefully beforehand to find out when you can book tickets for which performances. And, of course, don’t forget to take with you handkerchiefs, something to nibble on and all the tickets for the given day!

And then off you go. Our blog will contain more infos on everything going on in the Berlinale.

Have fun at the Berlinale.