Astonished passers-by

Astonished passers-by

The 4th Month of Photography.

MIonat der Fotografie – © JUST

A feast for the eyes where you can see images that are surprising and disturbing as well as controversial and stunning. Images that moved the world - and continue to move it. The 4th European Month of Photography runs from 15 October to 28 November. With more than 500 photographers in 140 exhibitions at 120 locations showing more than 10,000 works, the event calendar is so full that the Month of Photography actually lasts six weeks.
It is presented this year as a festival in transition. For the first time, there is a central point with a wide range of events at the Berlinische Galerie. And for the first time, there is also a set theme - "Modern times, new pictures" is the motto for the Month of Photography. Museums and galleries as well as exhibition venues and cultural institutions are asked to show contributions in this context.

László Moholy-Nagy -: Theorist of the art of light

The Month of Photography opens in the Berlinische Galerie on 14 October with the European photography project "Mutation". More viewings follow shortly after. The Martin-Gropius-Bau takes part in the festival with a large retrospective by László Moholy-Nagy, one of the most important artists of the 20th century. More than 200 works are on view including paintings, photographs (black & white and colour), photograms, collages, films and graphics. The show focuses on the years when Moholy-Nagy developed his theory on the art of light. These are the years from 1922 to the end of his life though his influence continues today.

Izis - the melancholy poet

Willy-Brandt-Haus and Institut Français show the works of the legendary Lithuanian-French photographer Izis who became famous for his black & white photographs of fairs and public places in Paris in the fifties and present an exhibition of his pictures that are both poetic and melancholy. "The people that I photograph do not notice me because they are completely in their own world and wrapped up in their own dreams", said Izis alias Israëlis Bidermanas about his works.

Garry Winogrand - Women in New York

Camera Work dedicates a presentation to the pioneer of street photography Garry Winogrand. From 1960 to 1975, the American took countless photographs of women in New York. For the most part taken on the streets, Winogrand's snapshots document the life of young women of the period in a unique way. The photographer has created valuable documents illustrating the changes in women's understanding of their own role.

Peter Lindbergh: From Sharon Stone to Penélope Cruz

On the other hand, C/O Berlin presents the pictures of Peter Lindbergh that are much more than just artificial, cool fashion photographs. Behind the styling and make-up, the intimacy and essence of the mostly female subjects in his portraits are shown in his melancholy, unadorned pictures. Whether he is photographing Sharon Stone, Madonna, Penélope Cruz or Catherine Deneuve, Peter Lindbergh looks behind the star cult to reveal the individual personality.
The fourth year of the European Month of Photography (MdF) uses breathtaking new works from the world of visual media to ask about the role of photography in the modernisation of the world in which we live. "Modern life, new pictures" – the range of photography projects and themes of the photography month covers microphotography to mobile phone cameras.