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Berlin’s history live on stage - Now with English subtitles

The fall of the Berlin wall is one of the most moving episodes in the history of East and West Germany. No museum, no encyclopaedia, no travel guide can recount the history of the German capital city during the time of the Wall in such a stirring, original and above all spirited way as the Berlin musical HINTERM HORIZONT.

For non-German visitors to experience and understand the most successful musical of Berlin, Songs and dialogues can now be read in English on large LED displays to the left and right of the stage. HINTERM HORIZONT - IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN IT, YOU HAVEN’T SEEN BERLIN.



PC (price category) Poncho is the highlight for everyone who wants an intense, close-up experience of the BLUE MAN GROUP from the first seven rows.

PC Poncho guests are entitled to an original BLUE MAN GROUP poncho, which can be picked up at the merchandise stand in the foyer of the Stage BLUEMAX Theater by presenting their PC Poncho ticket. The poncho provides perfect protection against water-soluble paints and other materials used by the Blue Men during the show.

With the original BLUE MAN poncho you will also have a unique souvenir of the show.


Stage BLUEMAX Theatre

Anyone expecting a peaceful night out should look elsewhere. The show offers rocking percussion, entertaining comedy, and intense bursts of colour. The Stage Bluemax...

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Five minutes’ walking distance from Alexanderplatz. Huge hand-painted film posters hang on the sandstone façade of the postmodern building from the 60’s. Though its architecture is striking from the outside, the building’s most impressive features are found inside. With its magnificent chandeliers, retro eastern European style, red armchairs and huge glass front, the cinema’s foyer is a highlight in itself. Be it premieres or gay parties, this cinema hosts all sorts of events where glamorous VIPs mix with students, film lovers and party people.