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With some 470 galleries and 3,000 exhibitions, Berlin is by far and away Number One in the European art scene. There is altogether almost 57,000 square metres (615,000 square feet) of exhibition space available here – let alone many other non-commercial showrooms and off spaces, where new exhibitions are displayed on a regular basis. More creative and performing artists live here than in any other city in the world – some 20,000 visual artists alone live in Berlin, according to a cultural studies report. This forthcoming autumn of art will provide the backdrop not only for the creation of new art formats but also the celebration of established art events.

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Trade fair & congress

Trade fair on contemporary art.

Postbahnhof (am Ostbahnhof)
09/18/2014 - 09/21/2014

Located directly on the water, this romantic, relaxed and comfortable restaurant is decorated with wooden furniture, old lamps and ornate picture frames. Simply put, Freischwimmer is a cool location in Kreuzberg’s Flutgraben area. The restaurant is in a very old building that was once used for renting and repairing boats. The entrance is directly next to Berlin’s oldest gas station. You can sit outdoors during the summer and indoors during the winter.