Mayumana – © Semmel Concerts/Nilz Boehme
Mayumana – © Semmel Concerts/Nilz Boehme
Mayumana – © Semmel Concerts/Nilz Boehme
Mayumana – © Semmel Concerts/Nilz Boehme

It is not easy to classify the show: music, dance, theatre, percussion, wit…

We being ourselves and basically everything goes. Creativity and energy are our main topic. These are some of the ingredients offered on stage.

We put an emphasis not only on the technical skills of the performers (who are skilled), but rather on their ability to play both among themselves and with the audience. From the very beginning we try to establish a dialogue with the viewers, to involve them in what happens on stage.

Slightly less than a decade old, the group of performers now comprises more than fifty, divided among different companies that tour the world.

So here are a few words about our work and our company credo: Talent is something individual which is manifested in many nuances. The group members are artists who were carefully selected by talent, versatility and personality make-up. It is important to us to tailor the right interpretation to the role of each and every individual group member, so that he/she will stand out in personal beauty and talent. Each one of the actors contributes to the entire picture by creating singing, dancing and acting roles.

When all these elements come into play and work in unison, every evening the performance is somewhat different and the audience can enjoy and experience it, and hopefully is inspired along with us.

Tuesday - Friday 8p.m.
Saturday 3p.m. + 8p.m.
Sunday 2p.m.

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