UNDERNEATH / Aline Landreau

Opera, ballet, dance

UNDERNEATH / Aline Landreau

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– Roger Rossell

In sociopolitically and economically unstable times, when we are more and more left with the feeling as if someone is pulling the rug from under our feet, the piece UNDERNEATH created by choreographer Aline Landreau, explores both the feelings of losing ground and of finding it back, in focusing on the different notions of fundament and (under)ground.

The constant interweaving between the two dancing bodies – negotiating between the vertical and the horizontal, between impetus and sagging, fight and alliance – interacting with the vibrant soundscape and a constantly modulating network of lights, are revealing our seeking for a common and stable ground.

What kind of structures are carrying us ultimately, concretely and metaphorically? From which depths emerges the desire to set (down) movement and voice, until gesture and speech appear, in the temporary shared space in which the piece invites us?

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