Travelleing Time + Weather

Travelleing Time + Weather

It doesn't matter which weather, Berlin is always worth visiting!

– Foto: ein echtes Sonnenkind! © Daniel Werner

Berlin has a continental climate, which is distinguished by large seasonal temperature fluctuations. In summer the temperature can reach over 30 degrees. However, temperatures largely range between a pleasant 15 degrees and 25 degrees from May to September. In winter temperatures of minus ten degrees or lower are not unusual. From experience temperatures are usually around freezing. But long frost periods with snow and ice are not unusual. Precipitation is evenly distributed throughout the year.

Travel weather

Blazing sunshine or moderate temperatures – when is the best time to travel to Berlin? This of course depends on how much time you are planning for museums and how much time you are planning for leisure activities outdoors.

Anyone who does not have access to the internet can request the current forecast from directory enquiries on 11 88 0.

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