Exhibitions and Art events

Exhibitions and Art events

Exhibitions in 2016

Skelett des Tyrannosaurus rex Tristan Otto im Ausstelllungssaal des Museum für Naturkunde Berlin – © Carola Radke; Museum für Naturkunde Berlin
Skelett des Tyrannosaurus rex Tristan Otto im Ausstelllungssaal des Museum für Naturkunde Berlin – © Carola Radke; Museum für Naturkunde Berlin
Ballspieler Späte Klassik, 600–900 n. Chr. Jaina, Campeche Keramik (Detail) – © INAH. Museo Nacional de Antropología, Mexiko Stadt
William Kentridge: Figures Eye to Eye, Zeichnung für den Film FELIX IN EXILE, 1994 Kohle und Pastell auf Papier, 120 x 149,6 cm – ©Kunsthalle Bremen - Kupferstichkabinett - Der Kunstverein in Bremen, Foto: Lars Lohrisch © Courtesy the artist, Marian Goodman Gallery (New York, Paris, London); Goodman Gallery (Johannesburg, Cape Town) and Lia Rumma Gallery (Naples, Milan)
Bartolomé Esteban Murillo: Die Pastetenesser, um 1670/75, Design der Ausstellung – © Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen München - Alte Pinakothek / Stan Hema
Albrecht Dürer, Rhinocerus (Das Rhinozeros), 1515. Holzschnitt mit Typendruck, 24 x 29 cm (Detail) – © SMB, Kupferstichkabinett

Tristan - Berlin bares teeth (T-Rex in Berlin)

Spectacular dinosaur find! TRISTAN OTTO, one of the world’s best preserved specimens of Tyrannosaurus rex, is moving to Berlin in December 2015 when the 12 metre long original skeleton will make its public début at Berlin’s Natural History Museum. With this exhibit, Berlin’s Natural History is setting a new milestone as home to the only original T.rex skeleton in all of Europe.

TRISTAN makes its début in December 2015 at Berlin’s Natural History Museum and is expected to remain on display for at least three years. During the exhibition, the scientists want to gain more insight about the predators. What diseases did TRISTAN have and what does that say about today’s medical conditions? High-resolution CT scans of the animal’s skull will help deliver answers.

Tickets: 8,00 €, reduced 5,00 €

Museum of Natural History
from 01/21/2016 to 05/16/2016

NO, IT IS! William Kentridge

South African William Kentridge is one of the most internationally significant contemporary artists. He is not just a visual artist but also a filmmaker, director and a great raconteur. His comprehensive body of works has spanned several artistic disciplines for more than three decades now. In his performance series “Drawing Lessons”, the artist talks about his specific mode of working and about his political context, from the times of Apartheid until today. The “Drawing Lessons”, which William Kentridge himself will present in a marathon performance, are autobiographical lectures, hybrid pieces of art between theatre, film and drawing.

Martin-Gropius-Bau from 05/12/2016 to 08/28/2016

Tickets: 11,00 €, red. 8,00 €. Admission free for children and youths under 16.

MAYA – The Language of Beauty

With a large collection of sculptures and ceramics, the exhibition “MAYA – The Language of Beauty” addresses an underlying aspect of pre-Hispanic fine arts: the body. The Maya represented their vision of life in their every day and representative architecture and objects with diverse materials and techniques. Thereby they describe their relationship with the gods, their daily life, their literature, their astrology, their music and their dances. An idealized human figure mainly dominates the artworks, with which they recorded not only their image of humanity and ideal of beauty, but also humanity’s position in the cosmos. This exhibition relates the Maya’s superb artistic forms of expression.

Tickets: 10,00 €, red. 7,00 € + charging fee. Admission free for children and youths under 16.

Martin-Gropius-Bau from 04/12/2016 to 08/07/2016

El Siglo de Oro – The Age of Velázquez

El Siglo de Oro, the golden age of Spanish painting, is one of the most fascinating chapters tof Western cultural history. The exhibition showcases one of the most important periods of European cultural history based on original painting, sculptures and graphics. The exhibition comprises 150 masterpieces by Velázquez, El Greco, Francisco de Zurbarán, and Bartolomé E. Murillo, as well as lesser-known artists such as Alonso Cano and Gregorio Fernández.

Tickets: 14 €, reduced 7 €. Entrance fee includes permanent exhibition. Time slot tickets strongly recommended.

Gemäldegalerie from 07/01/2016 to 10/30/2016

The British View: Germany – Memories of a Nation

The British Museum exhibition at Martin-Gropius-Bau in Berlin. 200 objects and works of art outline 600 years of German history, including top-class museum pieces such as Albrecht Dürer’s Rhinoceros from 1515, the highest level of goldsmith’s art, for example, the astrolabe by Johann Anton Linden from 1596, Napoleon’s hat from 1815, Ernst Barlach’s famous Hovering Angel, or obscure works such as a neoprene suit, which was worn on an abortive escape attempt from the former GDR via the Baltic Sea.

Tickets: 11 €, red. 8 € + charging fee. Admission free for children and youths under 16.

Gemäldegalerie from 10/08/2016 to 01/09/2017

Pina Bausch and the Dance Theatre

The Art and Exhibition Hall in Bonn illustrates the work of choreographer Pina Bausch (1940–2009) and her company from 04.03.–24.07.16 for the first time in form of an exhibition. In autumn, the show will be hosted in Berlin.

Tickets: 10 €, red. 6.50 €

Martin-Gropius-Bau from 09/16/2016 to 01/09/2017

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