Exhibitions and Art events

Exhibitions and Art events

Exhibitions in 2016

Skelett des Tyrannosaurus rex Tristan Otto im Ausstelllungssaal des Museum für Naturkunde Berlin – © Carola Radke; Museum für Naturkunde Berlin
Max Beckmann: Selbstbildnis Florenz, 1907, Privatsammlung in der Hamburger Kunsthalle / bpk, Foto: Elke Walford, – © VG BILD-KUNST Bonn, 2015
– © Lee Miller Archives England 2015. All Rights Reserved. www.leemiller.co.uk
Max Beckmann: Junge Männer am Meer, 1905, Klassik Stiftung Weimar – © VG BILD-KUNST Bonn, 2015, Repro: Renno, Weimar
Prozession (Detail): Simbabwe, Chinamora, Massimbura 8.000-2.000 v.Chr. Aquarell von Elisabeth Mannsfeld, 1929 65 x 202,5 cm – © Frobenius-Institut Frankfurt am Main
Günter Brus: Wiener Spaziergang, 5. Juli 1965. Innenstadt, 1010 Wien © BRUSEUM / Neue Galerie Graz, Universalmuseum Johanneum; Foto: Ludwig Hoffenreich – © BRUSEUM / Neue Galerie Graz, Universalmuseum Johanneum; Foto: Ludwig Hoffenreich
Skelett des Tyrannosaurus rex Tristan Otto im Ausstelllungssaal des Museum für Naturkunde Berlin – © Carola Radke; Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

Tristan - Berlin bares teeth (T-Rex in Berlin)

Spectacular dinosaur find! TRISTAN OTTO, one of the world’s best preserved specimens of Tyrannosaurus rex, is moving to Berlin in December 2015 when the 12 metre long original skeleton will make its public début at Berlin’s Natural History Museum. With this exhibit, Berlin’s Natural History is setting a new milestone as home to the only original T.rex skeleton in all of Europe.

TRISTAN makes its début in December 2015 at Berlin’s Natural History Museum and is expected to remain on display for at least three years. During the exhibition, the scientists want to gain more insight about the predators. What diseases did TRISTAN have and what does that say about today’s medical conditions? High-resolution CT scans of the animal’s skull will help deliver answers.

Tickets: 8,00 €, reduced 5,00 €

Museum of Natural History
from 01/21/2016 to 05/16/2016

Spinosaurus (Dinosaurierwelten im Museum für Naturkunde)

Was he really bigger than T.rex? Find out for yourself – from 09.02.2016!

In the temporary exhibition "Spinosaurus", the first life-sized skeleton model of the giant predatory dinosaur in the world goes on display at the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin.

Why was so little known about the dinosaur with the enormous sail on its back? What have German palaeontologist Ernst Stromer von Reichenbach and World War II to do with it? In what way can modern palaeontological research in Berlin and all over the world contribute to a better understanding of Spinosaurus and its African habitat many million years ago? With its spectacular original fossils, true-to-life reconstructions and thrilling narratives surrounding the Spinosaurus find from the Saharan desert, the exhibition draws a picture of times long past – when the desert was still full of water.

The exhibition was developed by the National Geographic Society in collaboration with the University of Chicago and is complemented in Berlin with the Museum für Naturkunde’s own exhibits.

Tickets 8 €, red. 5 €

Museum of Natural History 02/08/2016 to 06/12/2016

Max Beckmann and Berlin

For the first time since 30 years in Berlin, the show will display works by the artist which were produced in Berlin, reveal a thematic link with the city, or went on show at major exhibitions there. The city of Berlin set its stamp on Beckmann’s work. In addition, a particular part will be played in our show by self-portraits of the painter from the various periods of his oeuvre which relate to Berlin. Works by Beckmann’s contemporaries, such as those associated with the Berlin Secession, the New Secession or New Objectivity (Neue Sachlichkeit), will cast their own spotlight on the lively, diverse art scene in Berlin in the 1910s, 1920s and early 1930s. Alongside works from the collection of the Berlinische Galerie, the exhibition will include loans from many public and private sources.

Tickets 10,00 €, red. 7,00 € + Audioguide 2,00 €

Berlinische Galerie from 11/20/2015 to 02/05/2016

Holbein in Berlin – The Madonna of the Würth Collection and Masterworks of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

Hans Holbein the Younger (1497/8-1543) was one of the greatest portrait painters of the Renaissance. The son of Hans Holbein the Elder, the renowned painter from Augsburg, began his career in Basel, where he quickly made a name for himself, producing bold cartoons for stained glass, monumental decorations for building facades, and panel paintings. One of his masterpieces is the Virgin of Mercy of Jakob Meyer zum Hasen (now Würth collection), the focus of this exhibition. It is shown here alongside other works by him, his father, and his brother Ambrosius, as well as relevant examples of sculpture and textile art.

The lifelike portrait sketches drawn by Hans Holbein the Elder, which were later used as the basis for his son's art, can be seen alongside drawings by Holbein the Younger.

Bode-Museum from 01/21/2016 to 05/08/2016

Art of Prehistoric Times – Rock Paintings from the Frobenius Collection

Around 100 samples, including many large, wall-sized copies from the Frobenius Institute, as well as photographic and archive material, depict the epic history of rock-art documentation in European caves, the central Sahara, the savannahs of Zimbabwe, and the Australian outback. This exhibition examines the impact of these never-before-seen images. Often found in inaccessible locations, caves or deserts, these carved or painted images were made known to a wide audience in cities across Europe and the USA in the form of large-scale painted copies. German ethnologist Leo Frobenius (1873-1938) created the world’s most prominent collection of these copies.

Tickets: 10,00 €, red. 6,00 € + charging fee. Admission free for children and youths under 16.

Martin-Gropius-Bau from 01/21/2016 to 05/16/2016

Günter Brus. Fault Zones

Since Günter Brus (born 1938 – lives in Graz) first appeared in public as an “actionist” in 1965 with his “Wiener Spaziergang” (Viennese Stroll), he has created a manifold œuvre. This is the artist’s first exhibition in Berlin, even though Brus lived there for a long period, and influenced the art scene in the city significantly. The comprehensive exhibition with the title “Fault Zones” leads through his complete oeuvre, but also focuses on special aspects.Starting with informal works, the actionist period is shown in films, photographs, documents and numerous drawings, as well as by giving a vivid impression of the artistic environment in which the art originated.
Tickets: 10,00 €, erm. 8,00 € + charging fee. Admission free for children and youths under 16.

Martin-Gropius-Bau from 03/19/2016 to 06/12/2016

Lee Miller – Photographs

Lee Miller (1907-1977) is one of the most versatile USA photographers and photo-journalists of the 20th century. She united opposed genres such as surrealism, fashion, portrait and travel photography, as well as war reporting into her repertoire of works. The exhibition leads through the photographer’s diverse stations of life in New York, from Paris and Egypt up to Germany. Approximately 100 photographs that are exhibited illustrate Lee Miller’s life from different perspectives: as assistant, muse and partner of Man Ray in Paris in the 1930s; and as a pioneer of art photography and a photo-journalist during the Second World War.


7,00 €, erm. 5,00 € + charging fee. Admission free for children and youths under 16.

Martin-Gropius-Bau from 03/12/2016 to 06/06/2016

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