In Love in Berlin

In Love in Berlin

Love Padlocks on Berlin Bridges

– © visitBerlin , Foto: J. Pfaff
– © visitBerlin; Foto: J.Pfaff
– © visitBerlin; Foto: J. Pfaff
– © visitBerlin; Foto: J. Pfaff

Spring has come to the German capital: couples in love have butterflies in their tummy and would like to embrace the whole world – like Sabrina and Andy, Nina and Urs or Angela and Tobias. They love each other…and they love Berlin! And that's exactly what they want to show to the world!

However, cutting one’s initials into the bark of trees is out, so-called "love padlocks" are definitely in: Berliners and guests in love from all over the world fix as a symbol of their eternal ties small individually designed padlocks to the bridge parapets of the metropolis on the river Spree. The iron tokens of love are decorated with engraved names, a date, sometimes also hearts or intertwined wedding rings. The couples then throw the keys together into the river Spree. Apparently this custom originates from Italy, the homeland of Romeo and Juliet. However, in Rome such proofs of love are by now banned in public areas after a lantern snapped under the burden of the luchetti dell´amore.

For some years already the small colourful padlocks have also been used in other countries.
In Berlin you can see them at the Abteibrücke in Treptow, the Modersohnbrücke in Friedrichshain, the Admiralbrücke in Kreuzberg or the Gertraudenbrücke in Mitte. Officially these original love tokens are not so popular. The Senate Administration is concerned about the statics of the bridges and therefore had dozens of padlocks removed from Weidendammer Brücke on Friedrichstraße last year.

However, romantics soon discovered new sites for the tokens of their eternal love: on the parapet of Oberbaumbrücke between Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain there is a small red padlock with a plain heart – the addressee is not disclosed. "Berlin loves Nils and Nicki“ has been engraved into a silver padlock and "We were here" was written by Maike and Claudia with a black permanent marker on a blue item. These padlocks are hence not only romantic vows of faithfulness by enamoured couples but at the same time also declarations of love to the German capital – please don't remove them!



We saw these recently on a trip to Berlin and were intrigued. This explanation clears up our confusion. What a great idea. On our next trip we will be sure to take a padlock with us.